Mist is a best-in-class and user-friendly tool which leverages the latest research to set up your methane inventory and help prioritize mitigation.

Methane emissions are an important contributor to climate change. Addressing methane emissions can help oil and gas companies and countries reach their Paris Agreement goals. This is why Mist methane inventory and abatement tool was created, to help you develop a quality emissions inventory and identify priority areas for mitigation action.

Leveraging the experience of more than a decade supporting companies with their methane inventories, Mist provides the magnitude and nature of emissions from your facilities and identifies the abatement potential and cost based on custom abatement technology.

Why Mist?

Easy to use

Mist allows you to create the first emission inventory with very few inputs, that can be improved over time. This provides the user with ample time to explore the tool and develop the inventory as more information becomes available. Mist provides emissions estimates for all actors, no matter where they are in their methane journey, from the very first steps to detailed estimates using on-site measurements. Currently, it is being deployed with a broad range of actors from small private companies to international oil companies. Mist provides user guidance pages which help users to fill out the tool.

Compatible with OGMP 2.0

Mist relies on the best available international standards to quantify emissions. Mist understands the importance of OGMP’s measurement-based reporting framework for methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. The tool uses international best practices and is aligned with OGMP level 3 and level 4 reporting. Mist will soon be upgraded to align with OGMP level 5 reporting!


Mist offers user specific access level to a facility or an organization, depending on what data a user should have access to, has encrypted data both in rest and transit, to ensure your data is safe and confidential.

Tracks multiple facilities

Mist allows the breakdown of a company into multiple daughter companies and facilities, to accurately track emissions from each facility. Results are provided at facility level, sub-organization level and main company level. Several users can contribute to the development of your company’s methane inventory, from local operators to top-management. Access to information is tailor-made for each user, ensuring your data is only shared with the right users.

How Mist works

Monitoring and reporting of methane emissions can be a challenging task for companies. Mist provides an easy platform to document your measurement and quantification activities and estimates your methane emissions at facility and company level, adapting to your level of data availability.

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    Our Team

    The Mist team consists of experts from the oil and gas sector, with a collective aim to address and mitigate methane emissions in the sector. Get in touch with the Mist team to know more about the tool and how it can help your company quantify and reduce methane emissions.


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    Mist is created and operated by Carbon Limits AS.

    Carbon Limits is a consultancy firm that works with public authorities, private companies, finance institutions and non-governmental organizations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions at industry and country level. Carbon Limits has a multi-disciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in public services, energy industries, international organizations as well as consultancy and research.

    With projects in more than 20 countries, Carbon Limits has garnered an extensive experience in the identification and development of emission quantification and reduction opportunities in traditional energy sectors, but also in capacity building and policy advice. Today we are a diverse team of engineers, economists, and policy experts with a focus on mitigation in the oil and gas sector, carbon and climate finance, carbon capture and sequestration, life-cycle assessment and blue & green H2. To know more about our projects, visit https://www.carbonlimits.no/